VK7/SC-045 – Mt Rumney

by vk3arr

After Salamanca, the kids wanted to head back to the motel and my wife thought that was a good idea. I asked my wife what she wanted for the afternoon, and she said an afternoon without the kids. She said this right as I was playing with SOTA Finder on my phone, and seeing Mt Rumney not 5km away from where we were staying in Bellerive. It looked a drive up, and had promise, so I told my wife I’d take the kids to the mountain, give her a few hours to herself, and kill multiple birds with one stone.

The kids would need some bribing first, though. For the whole trip, we’d borrowed Harry Potter audiobooks, and we were halfway through the Chamber of Secrets. I offered the kids, who never liked leaving the car during a good bit, the opportunity to listen to Harry Potter for hours. They leapt at the opportunity. I bundled them in the car, drove to the top of Mt Rumney and began to set up.

I used the linked dipole this time, and this seemed to work a lot better. 40m was in good enough shape that I got 12 stations in the log in relatively quick time, including John ZL1BYZ again.

A switch to 20m brought in an Italian station who thought I was WWFF, and 3 VKs, before a raft of European DX, including OK, ON, DL and OE. I worked John ZL1BYZ again, with 20m allowing more of a chat, before another VK. At this point, I checked on the kids, who had learnt how to change the disc, which gave me about another 74 minutes. None of them needed toilet breaks yet.

At this point, I figured two from two, so I put up a spot for CW on 14.061 and immediately had a sense of dread. 20m was open to Europe, and my CW skills on callsigns wasn’t great. I had two takers though, OK1PDT for a new mode, and PA1BR for a new entity on CW. A switch back to SSB brought in Don G0RQL for another DXCC, before I worked Andrew VK1AD on 40m (an arranged call) and Warren ZL2AJ back on 20m after work.

At this point, the kids were still happy, but time was pressing, so I packed it all up and we went home. Kids happy, wife happy, lots of DX and survived 20m CW, so I was happy!