SOTA Dinner

by vk3arr

Shabu shabu is, for me, the taste of Japan. I could eat at a shabu shabu restaurant daily, and indeed have been accused of doing just that (it wasn’t daily, my colleague and I ate something different on the Wednesday). So Toru JH0CJH, JA Association Manager knew exactly where to book and we organised as usual to catch up with as many SOTA folks we could find.

This time, we had a smaller group, Toru, myself and Jun JI1IHV (who was present last SOTA dinner), and after a while his son joined, as well as Aki JM3NCT. The conversation as expected was SOTA related, along with jealousy about what foreigners pay for airfares and Shinkansen tickets, and lots of images of Toru hitting the beef or pork button again to order – 5 or 6 at a time, and mysterious drinks arriving about the same time I was due to finish my previous one.


Shabu shabu

There are now about 100 activators in Japan, and about 200 chasers, which is a
phenomenal amount of activity in Japan after around 2 years of being active.

A fun evening as always, and I look forward to the next time (at a Shabu Shabu restaurant).


Jun JH1IWV, Leo JI1UPL, me, Toru JH0CJH, Aki JM3NCT