New toys


Disappointed by the low-voltage performance of the IC-718, and sick of lugging that damn thing up the hills, I finally procured, through my contacts in Japan, a Yaesu FT-857D. It’s already shown it isn’t affected in the same way as the 718 was by having 13.2 volts instead of 13.8, and giving it a test run on the weekend showed it to perform well, especially when compared with the 718 on the same signals. The only problem is the manual is in Japanese and my Japanese is more oriented towards finding karaoke bars, finding beers in karaoke bars, and finding food in, well, anywhere in Tokyo. God bless the Internet and its collection of FT-857D manuals in English.

More toys to come, as I’m heading over to the UK at the end of March, and I’m planning on activating a few summits there. I’d prefer to not have to drag a squid pole through customs…