Nude Activators of SOTA

With the recent move of Barry GM4TOE into new accommodation, and the subsequent reduction in stock, it seems it is time for us to help SOTA out by fundraising. To this end, I have built on the work of Guy N7UN with his SOTA calendar and produced a Nude Activators of SOTA calendar, available for the cheap-cheap price of USD $5

WordPress rules prevent me from posting actual images from the calendar, but I will say that this is a tastefully, dare I say it, artistically done thing, full of high production values and minimal censorship. I’ve just received the proof copy back from the printers, and here’s a list of each month’s images and my take on them.

  • January. First up in January is some of our Japanese activators. It’s winter bonus time, and these stunning specimens are showing exactly why you get another 3 points above the snow line!
  • February. For some reason, Guy suggested that it would be most appropriate if I represented February, while muttering something about February being “short like you”. I’m 6 foot 1, so I’m not quite sure what he meant, but, hey, I’m happy to bare all for SOTA charity
  • March. March is MT month! Who doesn’t want to see the SOTA MT au naturelle atop The Cloud? Foreign MT members like Elliot K6EL have been artfully photoshopped into the image, demonstrating once again the high standards on offer from the North Korean Propaganda Ministry.
  • April. April means an Abundance of Andrews. Andrews VK1AD, VK1DA, VK1MWP, VK1MBE, VK3BQ and VK3JBL took time out from the recent VK SOTA gathering to submit their entry. Andrew KD5ZZK is also photoshopped in as part of a two-for-one deal from the Dear Leader. I could make a joke about the dangerous snakes in Australia, but I won’t; all I’ll say is you could string a dipole off those things and easily make your 4 contacts!
  • May. It’s not all men; some of our darling buds of May bring the tone of the calendar right up, showing the rest of us how it’s done.
  • June. June is a submission from the DM association. I’d need to see detailed topographic data, but they all look P150 to me! #amiright? #highfive #bro-fist #oohvicar
  • July. July was going to be a submission from Ed DD5LP, but, despite the DM associations submission, he discovered the German authorities don’t permit portable nude operations of amateur radio equipment (not just on 6m). It was going to be another thing Ed won’t be able to participate in, but at the last minute he ducked over the Austrian border using his VK call and managed to make deadline!
  • August. August brings out the summer submissions and this one is from Mickey 2E0YYY, who shows us YYY his nickname is “The Gun”. I had trouble working out which was the Antron!
  • September. September is Summits Month, and Simon, G4TJC bares it all with nothing but a beard and a strategically placed Landserf analysis keeping the mystery
  • October. It’s Spain’s turn with EA2BD Ignacio showing his 1kg HF pack and his penchant for light weight. If there’s an extra ounce of body fat more than necessary, I’ll be amazed. That’s a light pack, and a tight six-pack!
  • November. Yet again, it’s not just a sausage-fest. More of our lovely SOTA ladies. See if you can match the activator to the bare bottom!
  • December. The Americans submit the Christmas special; nothing but a few Santa hats and a new definition of the term “14er”.
  • The power is in your hands now. Want to stop the release of this horrendous travesty of justice? Visit the site below, click on Donate to make a small donation to SOTA and hopefully these images never see the light of day! 🙂

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