20 May 2017 – Flinders Peak – VK3/VC-030

by vk3arr

This summit was an adjunct to a longer walk taken from Little River station back to my home in North Geelong – all up, 37km. Joining me on this walk was a work colleague, Alan, who met me at Little River station at about 7:30am. We set off towards the You Yangs, and about an hour later were at the entrance to the park on the eastern side.


Alan and I at Little River

We took a quick break, then took the Branding Yard track up to the Turntable, and climbed up the summit. There I broke out the 2m HT, and put out some CQ calls. THe plan was make it all happen quickly, and then head down. Instead, I got 3 in the log and a lot of questions. I worked Tony VK3CAT either side of rollover, but it was Glenn VK3YY at Mt Baw Baw that finally got me the 4 contacts and at 160km, was a great way to finish up.


Alan and I atop Flinders Peak

Once completed, we headed down the summit and out the park’s south entrance (the main one), and walked along Forest Road into Lara. I don’t recommend this approach, but it does end up at Rob’s Bakery, which I certainly recommend.


Pie number 1 at Rob’s Bakery. Pie number 2 is in the bag.

From there, we walked through the back streets of Lara to Bacchus Marsh Road (having to take a detour when roadworks blocked Heales Road, then down Bacchus Marsh Road to Princes Highway, where we took a sneaky KFC run.

The down the Princes Highway on the eastern side, crossing over at the Ford’s factory, across the railway tracks, and down by North Geelong station. We just missed a train, so Alan walked the kilometre or so home with me and we had a beer, before returning to the station and taking the train back to Little River.


A nice brew to finish