27 DEC 2016 – VK3/VN-023 Mt Tarrengower

by vk3arr

In a similar vein to the previous activation of Mt Alexander, this was an opportunistic activation of Mt Tarrengower on the way back from Swan Hill. Having some control over the departure time, I noted there were going to be a bunch of ZL stations on the air, and timed my departure to have me arrive on Mt Tarrengower at the right time. It was raining lightly, but cleared as I set up.

In actual fact, I was a little early, and on 20m, I worked Gerard VK2IO first, who basically seems to be first in my log most activations. Then was John ZL1BYZ, who was low down, but workable from ZL1/WK-158, allowing me to complete the ZL1 association for Mountain Hunter. This is association 14. Col VK3LED got in ahead of UTC rollover before I switched to 15m, to try to work the other ZL stations.

I had heard them low down on 20m, but none had responded to my calls, and Warren ZL2AJ had suggested via SMS that 15m might be the go. I managed to work him on ZL1/BP-154, before QSY’ing up 5, and getting Kyle ZL2KGF and John ZL1PO in the logs from ZL1/AK-011 and ZL1/WK-153 respectively. ZL3LF also worked me on 15m, before 3 more on 20m (Gerard, Col post UTC and Ian VK5IS).

Pack up was quick and back into Malden for lunch and the drive home.