22 Oct 2016 – VK/EU S2S party

by vk3arr

Andrew VK1AD and Mickey 2E0YYY’s plan to host a VK/EU S2S party rapidly turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy, and as such, it was important I participate! My original plan was to head up to Mt Donna Buang to get 8 points, which would take me across the 250 point mark. My Saturday rapidly ended up not being as timely as possible, so I changed to Mt St Leonard (6 points – to take me to 249), and eventually, I caved and went for VK3/VC-032 (4 points), as time was getting away from me.

After setting up in my usual spot, the day started well with John VK6NU in the log from VK6/SW-042 on SSB, which finalised the VK6 association for me for Mountain Hunter, followed by a S2S with Take JS1UEH on JA/IB-001 on CW. A normal CW chase from VK4BJS was followed by Greg VK8GM on SSB, who was booming in from VK8/AL-100 for the VK8 association in Mountain Hunter.

At this point, I tried settling on a CW frequency to work the EU hordes, and hordes was the operative word. I could pull no partials out of the mess, and in the end, just gave up and went on Search and Pounce mode. First up was JG3NGT/3 on JA/OS-012 on CW, Allen VK3ARH down the road on VK3/VC-018, before a difficult CW S2S with JJ1SWI on JA/KN-020. I could only give him 229 in response to his 419, and by this stage, the 20m path to Japan was almost closed.

Another sting on a CW frequency produced 9A7W, my first Croatian DX contact. I also pounced on Andrew VK3JBL who was on the appropriately named Andrew Hill, before jumping to 40m to work Andrew VK1AD on SSB, and Gerard VK2IO on CW.

I packed up at that point as the sun was almost down, and headed home, encountering the usual crazy wildlife the Australian bush throws at dusk drivers. An enjoyable event, even though the QSO count was down: Mountain Hunted VK6/VK8, JA S2S, and a new DXCC entity.