ON/ON-010 – Baraque Fraiture

by vk3arr

Upon leaving Vrouwenheide, I put the details back into the Satnav, and began to follow it. After a little while, I realised this didn’t quite gel with the instructions from Google Maps. My guess is this was to do with traffic around Maastricht, and instead I was sent back into Germany before I’d cut across into Belgium. As I crossed the border I was still trying to determine where exactly I was being taken – the possibility of a dodgy address had crossed my mind. Knowing I could fix any issues, I concentrated on the road, before a police car came up behind me. I was stuck behind a truck for a bit, overtook it, and the police car followed, moved in front of me, and flashed “Bitte Folgen” (please follow) on its lights.

I say this now with the benefit of hindsight, but I wasn’t entirely sure if ‘folgen’ meant follow, but when they took the exit and flashed their lights just as it seemed I wasn’t going to take the exit, I realised I was right, followed them, and we pulled over on the grass. A friendly enough ‘Guten Morgen’ was followed by my highly accented “Good Morning”, at which point he realised I wasn’t from around there. He asked for passport and hirecar details, which I happily provided, asked for my destination, asked to search my luggage, which I obliged, and then they sent me on my way. I suspect it was a random search, or perhaps I’d triggered something by going over the border and back into Germany relatively quickly, or maybe they’d seen me looking at the satnav earlier. Either way, they said nothing about why I was stopped, and I continued on my merry way, adrenaline pumping and pants moderately filled.

I quickly headed back over into Belgium, and followed the E25 expressway, which conveniently passes directly over the top of ON/ON-010 Baraque Fraiture. A turn off into the town of Fraiture, and I set up near the ski parking lot. I had a bit of trouble finding a clear frequency – my first one was clear for me, but not for a lot of chasers, but my second one worked well enough, and I got 36 in the log, including some S2S points. You won’t get a much easier 8 points than this one.

After spending too long and not taking photos, I packed up and headed off to my next destination, LX/LX-001 Steekamchen.