AM Weekend – 2 April 2016

by vk3arr

In what has now become a yearly tradition (well, two years now…) the weekend of April Fool’s Day is a day to drag out AM DSB-FC onto a Summit and take the time to make contacts, thus demonstrating the wisdom of SSB for the rest of the year.

This time, as last time, I headed up to Mt Buninyong. I worked Peter VK3PF first on SSB to get a park in the log, before switching to AM and heading right up above 7.150MHz. I worked 8 on AM, including Allen VK3ARH who asked me why I hadn’t told him I was coming up to his local summit.

I then switched to SSB on 40m and on 20m, the highlight being working Mike VK6MB on 40m (and also on 20m). Allen showed up around then, and while I fiddled about on some of the higher bands (the only contact being Tony VK3CAT on 10m), we discussed various SOTA related matters.

We finished up chasing Russ VK2BJP/3 for a S2S on VK3/VE-014, and then Gerard on VK2/HU-056.

All up, a great day’s activation, and a finer appreciation for the joys of SSB, which, even if not as efficient a mode as CW, is certainly a damn sight more efficient than AM!