VK3/VC-030 Flinders Peak

by vk3arr

Driving back from Mt Donna Buang, I decided to deviate off to check out Mt Dandenong. I drove up to Sky High Mt Dandenong, and noticed there was a $5 car parking fee. I had about 30 cents on me, about $1.20 in US coins in my wallet, and about 70 yen in the car’s centre console. So, I did a U-turn and kept going back home.

As I drove down the Princes Freeway past Little River, the You Yangs tempted me, Siren-like, with the lure of an additional point. Could I make Flinder’s Peak my New Year’s tradition? The car took the exit of its own accord, and before I knew it, I was driving through Little River and into the park up to the Turntable Car Park, ignoring a hitchhiking Catholic priest on the way.

I grabbed the Buddistick this time, and made my way to the top. It was the usual painful slog, leading to a New Year’s resolution to improve my aerobic fitness, plus a lot of swearing. It isn’t that hard, but my fitness could certainly improve.

Once at the top, I set up on the Geelong side of the peak, away from the main path, attached the Buddistick to a tree, ran out the counterpoise westwards (away from the crowds), and called CQ. First up was Robbie VK3EK for a S2S on VK3/VG-074, before working 9 Chasers (including Craig VK3CRG line-of-sight to Lara, and VK3XCO in Torquay) and 4 more S2S (VK2IB on VK2/RI-009, VK3MTB on VK3/VT-057 and Tony and Allen, both on VK3/VC-005. I wrapped it up there with the 14 in the log, and headed back down. One more point in the bag!