1 year of SOTA

by vk3arr

It was just above a year ago that I responded to Wayne’s CQ call from Wombat Spur (VK3/VN-014). It was a big thing to pick up that microphone on my own and respond – my first ever amateur radio contact. Since then, the vast majority of my contacts have been SOTA contacts, either chasing or activating. With tradespeople at home yesterday, I was able to chase Brian VK3MCD on a few unique summits, finishing with Klaus DF2GN who was booming into Melbourne armchair copy, even if he wasn’t troubling the meter in any way.

Klaus’ summit was particularly good – he qualified the DM region for me, something that had been frustrating me for a while having missed a few DM summits recently having been stuck at work. On top of that, he was unique summit number 250. The 10 points took me to 2174 points. So, 1 year of SOTA chasing: 2174 points chasing, 250 unique summits chased, 7 associations worked on two or more unique summits.

250 unique summits

250 unique summits