200 Chaser Uniques

by vk3arr

While I’ve missed a lot of local activity lately either through being away or being occupied on the weekends, I have been gratified to see a lot of new summits being activated, or summits that haven’t been activated in a while. This means that although I haven’t really increased my chaser score nearly as much as I could have, I have been able to increase my chaser uniques score. On Wednesday, I reached 200 with a contact with Gerard VK2IO on VK2/IL-017. Thanks Gerard!

Screenshot at 2014-05-10 10:12:45

Now for another 50 to get to 250!

I’ve also started chasing National Parks and WWFFs a bit more. I’d often hear them on 40m while working on something in the shed, but it took an email from Paul VK5PAS to encourage me to take the time out to respond. I’ve mainly worked Peter VK3ZPF and Tony VK3VTH, but also made a new contact with Mark VK5QI in Murrialta Conservation Park as part of the SANPCPA awards run by Paul.