UK trip

by vk3arr

My wife and I have been married now for 10 years and to celebrate we’re taking a three week holiday through the UK. The first week we’ll be down in West Dorset, and plan to explore (what’s left of) South West England. I’m going to try to activate a few of the summits in the Devon and Cornwall region while we explore around there, almost certainly High Willhays, and the rest depending on time and weather. There’s a few G/SC-xxx summits near where we are staying too.

As we head north, I’m going to try activate a summit or two in Wales (probably Wentwood GW/SW-033 as it’s on the way to some place my wife wants to see), and possibly a summit or two in the Lake District and Scotland. Skiddaw looks the easiest of the 10 pointers in the Lake District, and possibly Ben Lomond as a Munro, a SOTA summit and being near places we’re staying. It all depends on the weather and our time, of course, but my wife has expressed a desire to climb some mountains and get out and amongst it while we’re over there.

A final summit might be Bishop Wilton Wold (G/TW-004) as my wife has family over that way that we might drop in on.

I can’t guarantee I’ll be on any summit at 0700 UTC for some VK/UK S2S action though!