Bradypodidae’s newest species

by vk3arr

I think Flanders and Swann put it best:

I started the day on 975 points, with a number of activations planned that would take me close to or past Sloth level. I started with Greg VK2FGJW on ST-001 Mt Cowangerong. This was a new summit for Greg as he’d activated his intended AC-021 the day before. This gave me 8 points instead of 4, which was a good way to start. I then worked Marshall VK3MRG on VK3/VC-032 “Near Balt Camp” for 4 more points, and after lunch, Andrew VK1DA on Mt Ginini for another 8 points. This meant 995 points, which pretty much guaranteed slothdom on the next contact.

It didn’t quite work out that way, with Marshall being my next contact, 4 points from Mt Warrenheip. It was nice to complete this summit; twice activated, but never chased before. This took me to 999 points. 5 points from being a sloth and Marshall delivered a 4 pointer! Tantalisingly close.

I stayed close to the radio, polishing up another telescope mirror before I heard Marshall working Bernard VK2IB on VK3/VE-014 for a Summit-to-summit. He QSY’d down 5, and I called in. He responded quickly; I was number 4 for him, to qualify the summit. He was point 1000 for me (plus the other 9 to take it to 1009), and with it, Slothdom!

I finished the day with Marshall on Mt Buninyong, Greg on Black Mountain VK1/AC-042, Al VK1RX and Andrew VK1NAM on Bimberi Peak VK1/AC-001 and Paul VK5PAS on Mt Gawler (VK3/SE-013). In total, 1026 points, which would also take me past the binary sloth (1024 points).

Thanks to all the activators who I’ve chased over the past six months or so. My first SOTA contact was Wayne VK3WAM on VK3/VN-014. It was also my first solo ham contact. I can remember being nervous at calling in and taking a bit of time to make the call. Once I did though, it kickstarted a great aspect of the hobby. I’ll also say thanks to Paul VK5PAS and Andrew VK1NAM for encouraging QRP chasing. A substantial percentage of my chases are now QRP; it’s the default setting, and I don’t think I’ve used more than 15W on any chase in a long time. You just have to be patient sometimes with the 100W+ stations that drown you out 🙂