Halfway there.

by vk3arr

Today was a good day chasing in the afternoon.  Peter VK3PF was out with a few unannounced summits which together added up to 12 points.  Not huge but highly relevant as I was exactly 12 points from 500 points or a half sloth.  Peter’s signal wasn’t strong but I had no trouble copying him and we made two QSOs to get the points.

It almost didn’t happen when Peter was about to QSY to 20 metres, which would have stopped any chance of working him.  Luckily he heard myself and another station and hung around a bit more.

To cap the day off, I made a CW contact with Wayne VK3WAM for a solitary point.  The point is not important; this is my first CW contact ever. The fifties called and wanted their mode back but I think I like it here instead 🙂

I had tried to work Wayne the other day when he did three 10 pointers but I was never sure I was getting a signal out.  Afterwards, I did discover that by default, the Icom 718 comes with morse Tx disabled.  Undocumented feature apparently.  I enabled it deep in the bowels of the radio and made contact today.

Hopefully some more points tomorrow and maybe an activation on Monday